REVIEW: Clean Planet Foods

As a personal trainer, food is very important to me. I try to eat clean as much as possible but training clients back-to-back for 5 hours straight, I’m tempted to eat anything that’s quick. Sunday is usually my meal preparation day, but sometimes it can also be a makeup day for clients if they missed a workout during the week. When I’m unable to do my food prep, panic sets in and I need to find a healthy alternative.

There are so many companies that sell prepared meals that you can get lost for days trying to find the right one. Personally, I always look for healthy ingredients and taste, while most Personal Trainers probably look for food that’s quick and convenient.  In my exhaustive searches, I found this company called Clean Planet Foods that seems to cover all the bases for my protein needs.

Because meat takes a lot longer to cook than any other food, Clean Planet only provides meat instead of a full meal which I think its genius. Clean Planet Foods delivers with their high-tech packaging, the food to your door refrigerated not frozen, and can be heated and ready to eat in 2 minutes or less. According to Clean Planet, I can heat the meat with the plastic still wrapped on the outside which cuts down on my clean-up time: “Over 400 rigorous, independent scientific studies prove that, unlike other types of film, our pouch imparts nothing to the food that’s microwaved in it”.

I’m a picky eater so to me it tastes good but not great. However, for the purpose that I want to use it for, it’s awesome. After delivery it lasts about a month in your refrigerator and can be utilized for any meals or as a stand-alone in case of emergencies.

If your life is always on the run, or a busy personal trainer like me, this food is exactly what you want. They will go fully organic next year, and will also supply grass- fed beef. That is very exciting to me and I can’t wait. I would recommend Clean Planet Foods if you are looking for a healthy and convenient protein source.

Trish Phan is a certified personal trainer, exercise fanatic and a wannabe Asian Iron Chief. When she’s not training at the gym, she can be reached at Trishphan0202(at)

Product Review: Muscle Elements Truth (T.R.U.T.H) Whey Protein Powder

Do you promise to tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH?


The TRUTH shall set you free.

Seems these days everywhere you look people are searching for the truth.  Well, I have just found it.  Thank you Muscle Element for showing me the T.R.U.T.H.  Do you want a delicious protein powder?  Do you want a protein that mixes well in water, milk, and oatmeal?  Do you want a protein powder that actually delivers everything it claims?  Of course you do.  Who wouldn’t?

Anyone who has read any of my past reviews on training supplements knows that I am a stickler for delivering what you promise.  If you claim to be the best tasting on the planet, you better be.  We all know how that one turned out.  If you claim to have a certain amount of “Active” ingredient, you better have what the label says.  Is there any independent research done?  So let’s see what T.R.U.T.H delivers.

NO Hormones

NO Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

NO Amino Spiking – use of non-protein ingredients in protein supplement products and is also known as “amino-spiking” or “nitrogen-spiking.”

NO Proprietary Blends-They Deliver 24 total Grams of protein per scoop.  9 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate, 6 grams of Whey Protein Isolate, 4.5 grams of Micellar Casein, and 4.5 grams of Milk Protein Isolate.

When I was asked to do a review on another protein powder I was less than excited.  As a true professional, I cleared my head of any negative thoughts, because I really wanted to give this new product an honest review.  I decided to attack the Vanilla wafer flavored protein first.  WOW, is all I can say.  From the second I opened the bag and took the first smell, they had me licking my lips waiting to taste it.  I tried this protein mixed with tap water, ice water, almond milk, coconut milk and even orange juice.  OK just testing you, I didn’t try orange juice, yet.  Regardless of how you shake it (get it?) it mixes and taste phenomenal.  I decided to next start mixing it in my morning oatmeal to see how that went, and again it was perfect as far as taste, and texture.  When it comes to my protein powders, I do not want any clumps.

Now let’s move on to the chocolate.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a fan of chocolate protein powders at all!  In general I feel that they all try to taste like chocolate but all fall drastically short of reaching their goal.  But again, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it smell and taste like chocolate, but it even looked like a chocolate shake, as opposed to just some dark, murky liquid that is just pretending to be chocolate.  I can T.R.U.T.H fully say that I love this product and I will continue to use both the chocolate and Vanilla from this point forward.

At the end of the day, it’s very simple; Even though this product is slightly higher in price than their competitors (about $69 for 2.2 lbs. or 24 servings) it is well worth the money. Health and fitness enthusiasts who value what they put in their bodies will have no problem spending a few extra dollars to get a top quality training product like this.

T.R.U.T.H. from Muscle Element delivered on every promise that they made in regard to this product.  So whether you choose the chocolate bar flavor or the vanilla wafer, you’ve made a wise decision.  Please feel free to experience the T.R.U.T.H for yourself by visiting them at or purchasing on

Thomas Puhl, Certified Personal Trainer

Keys to Starting and Maintaining a Successful Bootcamp

Bootcamp (definition):

  • A camp where people who have recently joined the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps receive their basic training.
  • A short but very difficult training program.
  • A program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time.

Is this what you think of when you hear the word bootcamp?  I know I do.  As an ex Air Force Security Forces member, I was fortunate enough to proudly serve in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  Continue reading Keys to Starting and Maintaining a Successful Bootcamp

Top Twelve Superfoods You Simply Must Eat! Broccoli

The next fabulous superfood in this series is Broccoli.  Personal trainers and nutritionists will advise everyone to load up on dense, green leafy vegetables.  Well, broccoli isn’t really all that leafy but it is deep green and is packed with nutritional value.  Broccoli has its roots in Italy and was introduced to the United States in colonial times by Italian immigrants who brought this much-loved vegetable with them to the New World.  I am so glad they did!  It’s one of my personal favorites.  Coupled with some fresh garlic and a little olive oil, it’s absolute heaven in my book!  Check out the delicious recipe below.

#2  BROCCOLI – A Dense Forest of Nutritional Value!

What makes it so healthy? Continue reading Top Twelve Superfoods You Simply Must Eat! Broccoli

Top Twelve Superfoods You Simply Must Eat! Spinach

A good, well thought out meal plan and exercise on a daily basis, is vital for anyone who aspires to stay healthy and fit into old age. Personal trainers work hard to assist their clients to improve all aspects of their health, both inside the gym and when their clients go home.  Most personal trainers will advise you to eat “dark leafy greens, lean protein, and nominal grains/complex carbohydrates,” so what I would like to do is highlight 12 foods that are power-packed with dense nutritional value that you can incorporate into your meal plan.  I will also include one delicious recipe for each food to get you started.  The first one is: Continue reading Top Twelve Superfoods You Simply Must Eat! Spinach

Five No-Cost and Creative Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients

Every personal trainer wants more personal training clients.  Right?  If you don’t, stop reading this immediately and come find me at my gym because I need you explain how you got to this point, over lunch.  You have to buy!  Not every trainer will completely fill their schedule, but will never turn someone away, instead referring clients to friends for a commission.

The problem is that potential customers don’t grow on trees (at least one I can find) and there is no secret to attracting them. The truth is that getting more personal training clients takes work. Simply throwing open the doors and turning on the lights is more likely to rack up bills than clients. However, enticing more business does not require a large marketing budget. Many of the fitness business’s pillars of promotion can be accomplished without a dollar spent, resulting in any new income being pure profit. Continue reading Five No-Cost and Creative Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients

Five Ways to Adhere to Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again, when good intentions are plentiful and motivation is brewing. With every passing year, we make plans to change our lives for the better only to find ourselves in the same place come February or March. The reasons for the lack of success have little to do with individual will power or motivation, but a lot to do with basic human psychology. The good news is, by knowing why these failures occur, we can manipulate our New Year’s resolutions to prevent them and make 2014 the healthiest year of our lives.   Please know that you do not have to do this by yourself.   Be sure to hire a personal trainer to assist you to stay on track. Continue reading Five Ways to Adhere to Your New Year’s Resolution


Why do people hire a personal trainer?

That is the best question ever and the answer is simple.  There is not just one specific reason people hire a personal trainer.  Working as a personal trainer myself for over 15 years, I have been hired for just about anything you can imagine.  Since my title is “certified personal trainer”, first and foremost, this is the original reason clients come to me, even though there are many different physical concerns that each of them have.

Here are some of them: Continue reading TRAINER, THERAPIST OR FRIEND?

Can a Personal Trainer Fix Your Attitude Towards Fitness?

Originally published on Sky High Fitness on July 15, 2013.

For many people, a personal trainer might be someone who provides them with a tailored exercise regimen that is specific to their goals. What people often don’t consider is the fact that having a great regimen doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll actually adhere to it. The transtheoretical model of behaviour change is a means of assessing an individual’s attitude towards a new, healthier behavior. The model also provides the processes by which an individual will change their mindset to one that supports an active and healthy lifestyle that is maintained consistently. Continue reading Can a Personal Trainer Fix Your Attitude Towards Fitness?

Gandolfini’s Death: Tragedy or Wake-up Call?

On June 19,2013 James Gandolfini died of a heart attack. It’s all over the news and Facebook as a shock to the world. Really? A 6′ 1″ man who weighed 271lbs and lived an unhealthy lifestyle dies of a heart attack and the world is shocked? Meanwhile in Afghanistan, we lost four American service members in a mortar attack on Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on June 18, 2013. Once again these heroes’ deaths are merely flashes along the tickertape on the bottom of the screen because this larger than life, literally, celebrity dies of a heart attack and we, for some reason, are shocked by this news. Continue reading Gandolfini’s Death: Tragedy or Wake-up Call?